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2009 marque


Church High School for Girls


Concept, Design, Art Direction
& Client Management

This project was completed as a piece of freelance work which included liaising with the client and working with a project manager to achieve deadlines.

A bespoke solution

Briefed to design and produce yearbooks for the final year group of Church High School for Girls, this idea exceeded the expectations and brought something new to the cliche of cheesy Americanised books to bring a close to school life.

The approach to the design and production was sobre, with a nod to how emotional the experience of leaving school is, and it quickly became evident that the year group in question had a strong bond which required a truly special and unique execution, to contain and cherish memories for decades to come.

The book was stylistically set in a classic fashion with use of large Century typography in almost a noir fashion. The format of the book was originally taken from the observation that some sort of sleeve may be necessary for protection, which led to the big idea...

When leaving school everyone remembers signing each others' shirts as a lasting reminder of friends who you may never see afterwards. With this in mind, each book was wrapped in a sleeve made up of the School shirt, with hard board inside to keep structure - but blank, to allow students to sign each others' books.


The idea gave the books a completely unique visual look, different to anything done before and a little iconic.

Name Tags

Each student was given their own specific Yearbook, adorned with a special bespoke name tag, with the School's brand identity.

After the first yearbook was so popular, I was asked to design and produce the next year's groups of year books too, this time culminating in both year thirteen and year eleven end of school groups.

Logo Round 2

The year being 2010 meant 'Yearb09k' couldn't be carried - so I found a new mechanism, morphing the 'B' into '13' to imply 'year 13 book' in the new logotype.

Bird Illustrations

Part of the funner, less sobre feel of the 2010 yearbook was the introduction of illustrated elements, in the form of cute birds.

The idea behind them was that after year 13, the girl would 'fly their wings', and this fed through as a theme throughout the book.