What I Can Do: Services

Fusing new technology and interesting concepts in a highly visual manner.

I’m a big believer in an integrated process from an idea being formed for an interactive experience, throughout production to the very end and over the years have tried to allow my work to contain a fluidity so that concept, animation, design, development and sound all feel together within a finished interactive project rather than separate parts.

Interactive Harmony

I can take your project from and to a variety of stages, including complete production of an interactive website – this being what I favour doing. By bringing together a variety of creative disciplines and experience, I'm able to supply not merely design and development, but rather a crafted product which feels together, connected and harmonised via one creative approach which bleeds the same blood throughout the elements.

When coming up with an idea, it is often the case that I will have an idea of how it will be built – but further still, the way something is built can often be the seed of why it would be a good idea. I love to take a new, under-appreciated technology and use it to express something in a way that's never been seen. By using this approach again and again, interactive projects have the opportunity to be genuinely completely different – and this creates results because it plucks at our inner child. That feeling of the first holiday, the first toy and the inevitable boredom we find later on as we have seen and done more things in our lives. Doing something new both technologically and visually simultaneously isn’t simply about being cool, it creates buzz, shares and exposure around your brand.

Previous Recognition

What can I do for your interactive projects?

  • Visual, concept-driven Design
  • Animation-focused Front-end Development
  • Total production of experience-based interactives
  • Conceptual Ideas
  • Concept-driven Animation
  • Sound Implementation

I'm always on the lookout for potential future relationships for interactive digital goodness of a variety of sizes and purposes – with a preference for fairly compact, public-facing interactive 'nuggets', as seen within other projects in my portfolio which I am happy to take from nothing to a final piece, or help with one or many stages.

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