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You Turn Me Inside Out

As part of a YCN student brief at Universite, the task was to create a piece of eco-friendly packaging - Toy cars supplied an area commonly feauring large amounts of waste plastic. Using slots to hold cars, the design used no plastics or other assembly materials such as glue.

Relying 100% on cardboard, this aspect to save on waste is taken a step further, by creating a second usage for the card which works on many levels, with the insides of the packages contain one piece of a multi-part 'playing mat' for children.

Each package slots into another, creating a collection of pieces which act to be re-used and thus create less waste, whilst creating a commercial reason for parents to buy more, with children wanting to complete their sets.


This project was completed at University - I make a deliberate point of not editing this work, in order to show it's original form and not to misrepresent any progression I have made since.