Surveyor WebsiteDavid Gregory Design

Build it

A small building surveying company required a digital platform to showcase their approach and range of previous builds - we produced a design which had a unique and cute idea to it, to present services in a surprising manner.




Design, Illustration & Interaction Direction.

This project was completed at An Agency Called England

Technically Appropriate

We decided that the website would quite literally 'be' one of the services Tange supplied - a technical drawing of a house. The pages of the site became different rooms within the house, as though users are 'walking' through the house.

Though elements of the site themselves were fairly standard, such as carousels, clickable calls to action and contact forms, the fact they were housed in this way gave the browsing experience a touch of 'gaming' to it, and clever touches to keep this going are used throughout.

The pages are sat upon a wood board table, which has scattered elements sat on it too, such as tape measures and drawing pins. Sites which use 'paper sheets' to hold their content are seen as fairly cheesy these days, but this execution gave this kind of thing context with a touch of wit.