Dream HomesSolarCentury


A University D&AD brief to create an online marketing campaign to teach the aspects of solar photovoltaic panels, this animated Flash experience captured the heart of judges to earn a coveted Yellow Pencil


Web Page


All aspects including Flash build.

This project was a University project as part of annual D&AD Student Awards


Playable Learning

The Dream Homes interactive application teaches users about the many intricate pieces of information about solar panels in a fun, playable digital interface. Created at a time when programs like Grand Designs were first bursting onto the UK scene, the piece took advantage of the public trend of building bespoke homes, allowing users to do just that in a simplistic introductory segment.

Users are given traditional choices such as type of house, colour, a car and such before asking whether they'd like to take Solar Photovoltaic roofing - this decision then splits the game into two possible routes, with parallelled but different interfaces and lessons to learn.

Illustrated in a fun manner and given a tongue in cheek tone, the piece uses real figures to teach a user of the implications of their actions now. Choosing PV leads to happy bouncing hills and cheerful dancing rabbits, whereas selecting basic roofing turns the landscape into a deserted, dry abyss.