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Infusing a slick, crisp rebrand of a well-established British chair manufacturer into a new digital online front - the Shackletons chairs website brought a fresh edge to stand out in an interesting area of business.


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This project was completed at An Agency Called England

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Shackletons had just embarked on a new brand direction, with a range of new print collateral to match their new image - and a website soon followed. Taking the clean white approach from the new materials, the visual style was moved forward a little further, through the introduction of clinical, sharp iconography and interaction elements.

A range of new people photography was undertaken for the new brand by the amazingly talented Richard Moran - These assets formed an important part of the site's face, matched with a few visual touches - such as a consistent angled cut slicing right down the middle to split up content.

The angle element continues throughout the site, giving a feel of craftmanship in a really subtle way, while layouts such as product showcases gave the chairs room to breath, including an early responsive layout-adopter when viewing a grid of images.

Flash Interfaces

With a target audience a little older than usual in mind, we created a couple of small Flash applications including this 'What Makes Up a Shackletons Chair' piece. A user is able to learn about different parts of the chairs by hovering over small nodes of content.

Despite the information being fairly sober in nature, the fun way in which it is learned including the ability to change the scene and touches like very refined shadow reflection mechanism make the learning experience all the easier and more enjoyable - Try it below!

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