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A portal to another place from the comfort of your chair - The Secret Door captured the imagination of millions and got people talking around a Yorkshire-based windows and doors producer with a Street-View based online experience.


Web Page


Concept, Design, & Interactive Direction.

This project was completed at Epiphany Search

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Simple Exploration.

The Secret Door utilises Google Street View to take users to the most amazing and interesting locations Google has produced. Created at a time when indoor street views were uncommon, the places backed up the mysterious nature of the execution with a truly individualised experience, giving the impression that users were finding places themselves, encouraging social sharing and discussion.

Users are given no instructions - making the experience open to non-English audiences - just a mysterious door amongst an abyss of space complimented by a whimsical soundtrack. Upon inspecting the door, they are sucked into the experience and surrounded by their randomised (within the collection) location, including caves, shops, lone islands and more.

The Secret Door became a viral success, garnering over 2.5 million page views, and 77,000 Facebook interactions.

Online Features

With some amazing work by the rest of the team the campaign gained extensive coverage online, including articles from publications such as:

Hover & Click

The Interaction of the door was given a special animation to enhance the mystique.


The curation of the locations was both an important and in-depth part of the project. We wanted only locations which would surprise and engage, so a mixed selection of indoor and outdoor places was found.

Post Production

The mysterious feel to the site was captured with heavy editing and the door was an essential element.

Secret Door



This Week in Google Feature

Showcased as Gina Tripani's Tip of the Week, watch the video as the TWIG panel take their own adventures through the door.

  • 'Big in Japan'

    Highly popular in Japan, the door was refered to as 'Anywhere Door' - a tool used by a popular cult cartoon character named Doreamon.

  • Interesting...

    The band 'Arctic Monkeys' have a song named 'The Secret Door' - and one of The Secret Door's destinations lead to Arctic Monkeys!