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Guilty Pleasures?

We got users to talk about their deepest, darkest secrets. Well okay - just what they like to pie out on at weekends, but information which users don't necessarily like talking about was weened out through a fun and playable website.


Web Page


Design, Illustration, titles Copywriting & Interaction Direction.

This project was completed at Epiphany Search

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Over-indulging Costs

Kick My Habits takes users through a collection of 8 specially focused indulgences to find out how much they could save a year if they didn't waste away their hard earned wonga on such things. This sort of topic could come across as 'preachy' and whingey, so an engaging, fun and easy-going experience was created to hold the idea together.

The aesthetic which uses arms as a common graphic link-up, is cleverly executed to make animation both easy and fitting - with an overall 'cheeky' hint about all aspects of execution.

Wit is used throughout both graphically and interactively, making the project stand out amongst other questionnaire-based pieces.

You Are What You Eat.

In each scene, a user is prompted to admit to indulging in a particular habit - once they're engaged, a sliding bar then alters the content on the page - the pie charts which show another granular nugget of information as a user admits to more, as well as the illustrated scene itself.

These scenes create a will for the user to see what happens if they indulge more even if they don't, to engage further with the site. In the drinking and night out scenes a user's vision becomes blurred, while smoking large amounts results in yellow fingers.

'Constant' animation was also used wherever possible, to create an aura that the interface is living and breathing even when the user isn't interacting, in a way pleading with them to come back to play some more.

Dance, Copy, Dance!

The piece contains a variety of animated titles, using simple looping gifs which spasm and tickle - adding a constant motion to the piece, important in making it feel alive.

Let's Kick it!!

Once the user has admitted to their many embarassing habits, the items pile onto a great big, heap. And what is more inviting to kick than a great big heap of stuff?

Kicking them results in a flambouyant animation sequence, landing on how much the user could save in a week and month which they can individually share.

See how you fare