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Listen up kids

A simple piece in principle - educating people about the inner workings of the human ear - delves even deeper into parts of the orifice than many people know even exist to deliver the best online resource on this important organ.




Design, Illustration & Interaction Direction.

This project was completed at Epiphany Search

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Educational Tool.

With a target audience of young people potentially in their teens, the style and tone of this piece had to fulfil both a seriousness to convey very important, factual information while adding a youthful 'edge' to connect with and maintain interest of this difficult demographic.

Split up into many parts, the Interactive Ear illustration style attempts a highly stylised version of 3 dimensional models in Biology class. These parts wiggle and move as a user navigates the content, finding out what each part is and what it does.

The 'outer ear' forms a main hub of navigation, from which a user can choose to delve deeper into the organ to bring up different illustrated model parts of the ear.


Take the Journey

One particular part of the Interactive Ear really got people's imagination going, where they were able to take the journey of sound through the ear in a small but engaging pocket of the site.

Using an animated .gif which follows the user's mouse but displays an inversed x and y background-position value for each movement, the image shows as an 'x-ray' visual of the ear and as the user coasts from left to right, text information explaining each phase is displayed.

Delve into the ear