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Adobe Cutting Edge Award Winner

Bringing an island to life

A personal journey to find out about a lost island turned into the creation of a haunting digital experiment which pushes Chrome filters and presents information on Google’s newly Street-Viewed details.


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This project was a personal development piece.

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Lost Stories Told Again.

Having previously known of the island, I wanted to know what Google was showing in their new Street Viewed island. Finding this information proved difficult - so when I did finally uncover information, this turned into an opportunity to create a resource-turned horror experience.

Using Chrome filters, the site transforms already-interesting photography into agitated, dark and disturbing digital surroundings, complimented by a sinister soundtrack to create a memorable experience and swooshing Japanese calligraphy to further reinforce the sinister style.

Forgotten Island has had over 200,000 hits, over 10,000 Facebook interactions and was named number 3 in Google Maps Mania's feature article Top 10 Uses of Street View.


Calligraphy Original Scans

A Forgotten World

Google's Hashima


Online Features

I contacted a range of publications who I believed may be interested in featuring Hashima Island-based content, and it was taken up by:

  • Useful Resource

    The site now ranks second in Google behind Wikipedia for 'Hashima' - providing a great insight for any newly interested people.

  • Interesting...

    Hashima Island was the location which the most recent James Bond movie was 'based' on, though footage didn't take place there.