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Infographics have splattered all over the web in the past few years, but this one about the United Kingdom's energy consumption allows users to find out information based on their own interactive actions.


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Design, Illustration & Interaction Direction.

This project was completed at Epiphany Search

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Bright & Engaging.

The Interactive UK Energy Guide is a long-page playable information piece containing a selection of interactable datasets, set upon a fun and 'bouncy' visual style which layers a topic sometimes seen as preachy on top of something enjoyable. Percentage-based data is always the best to work with and it showed through the creation of the tree, the visual epitome of eco-based topics.

As the user interacts from year to year, the tree's 'health' changes, flourishing in 2010s with Biomass represented by blooming fruits on the tree. Users can then break into the data further, viewing the exact percentage shares by hovering over the respective fuel or indeed flicking a lever to view them all at once.

The real idea here is that users can very easily find out a lot of information purely visually without much effort through a means they have never seen before, while simultaneously being able to gather rawer, more exact data if the visual has tickled their curiosities.

Online Features

With some amazing work by the rest of the team the guide was covered by great data-hubs, including articles from publications such as:

As the page continues, so does the interesting ways in which data is presented. The team came up with a 'tree-diagram' to show one set of data, and with a little animation sprinkled on top, fluidly morph from one shape to the next. Interacting with each block then again allows users to delve more deeply into the data.

Pie charts on Sectors a little further down the page are given another bit of interactive 'spunk' - rotating frantically as the percentages appear, while other elements in the piece all have an animated touch to maintain the user's interest till the very last note.

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