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Christmas Playing Cards


Design & Illustration

Completed at

The Roundhouse Design Consultants

Festive Agency Games.

We required a christmas 'card' to send to clients and friends alike, and it was soon decided we would instead create many cards - playing cards! Using ourselves as models the Jack, Queen and King cards contained images of the team to connect to the clients in a fun, festive manner while I felt moodily-lit shots would work nicely.

Each card was crafted with careful, elegant illustrations to sit effortlessly amongst the dominant dark suit cards while being refined within themselves. Spades became angels with a simple halo, hearts became wine glasses, and so on.

The Ace of Spades card was given particular care, with an extravagent illustration as is tradition in playing cards, but added to with a subtle festive undertone. Overall, the card set was a classy execution of a classically quite cheesy product to give, whilst not undermining the cheerful nature of these items.