BOND: License to DriveEvans Halshaw


Shaken, Then Scrolled

An interactive way of showing a collection of well-known classic cars which pushed parallaxing to new, time-warpy limits - Bond: License to Drive struck a major chord with car enthusiasts and web developers alike.


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Design, Illustration & Interaction Direction.

This project was completed at Epiphany Search

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Vwoo, Vwoo, Vwoo

The first task here was to find an interesting and respectful way of visualising a range of cars which had their own unique style. Knowing that people looking at this could be sceptical of things such as 'effects' and anything deemed fake, the visual execution of these elements was always going to be important.

We went about creating a line diagramatical style which bridged accuracy and vintage-appeal while laying these upon a variety of solid colour background to bring in a bit of fun. This mixture made the cars pop and surprise from one to the next. A different typeface was used for each decade to keep users interested visually, and linked visually to the style of the decade.

Calvert Bold is used as the overalling type as an excellent 'classic modern' in-between. The spread of visits was vast, and to date has totaledover 3 million page views.

Online Features

With some wicked work by the rest of the team the campaign gained some really cool coverage, such as these:

Circular Masking

After researching the movies intently, a signature animation from the title sequences was insipiration for the eventual navigation mechanism - Circles mask each page of content, and essentially creating a 'time warp', zooping towards the center of the screen as a user scrolls through the cars.

This is achieved through multiple CSS background images, which animate separately into their respective places. Mega props to Stephen Griffin on this project, who did an amazing job developing this piece.